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There are stories of entrepreneurship that go hand in hand along the same axis of social-economical growth of a particular territory.


Wulca was founded and grew up in that precious context of the ceramics industry of Sassuolo, gaining incentives, taking on challenges and inventing new opportunities. The business was founded in Spezzano in the year 1975, where, in its initial headquarters, the company began to rubber coat chains for the ceramics industry. New experiences where born from this primary activity, such as the pressing of technical objects in rubber.
Subsequently the company gained its status as a leading supplier in the rubber processing industry with the creation of its “CONVEYOR BELT" division, making it able to internally pack the finished product.


Experience and professionalism

To date in WULCA orders 26 people distributed in the various departments:
productive / technical / commercial / administrative / logistic.
We believe that the new development is an interpreter of the same passion that has brought us here to offer
to our customers something more.